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•Custom paintings and drawings:


I can create unique and original drawings or paintings based on an idea or theme you have. Maybe a portrait of yourself, your family member, your partner, or your pet. Perhaps you are thinking about a still life, or a landscape, I can make it. Also, I can paint murals.


•Original artwork for sale:


Paintings, drawings, and prints (woodcuts, linocuts, etchings) for sale.


•Digital reproductions for sale:


I have digital reproductions of some of my artworks to make them more affordable.


•Art consulting:


If you need the help of an artist for a creative project for work, school, or home, I can help you to bring to life your idea, according to your vision and budget.


•Workshop presenter:


I can present workshops on relief printmaking, drawing, painting, and more, for small or big groups of kids, youths, or adults. Besides, I can present lectures on a variety of themes related to art and culture, as well as the use of art as a tool to educate and empower. The presentations can be in English, or Spanish.

  •Graphic design:  

I have a graphic design background, so I can help you solve your visual communication needs. I have experience designing banners, brochures, business cards, door–hangers, flyers, illustrations, labels, letterheads, logos, newsletters, posters, postcards, signs, stickers, and more.


For more information email me at luracs@gmail.com